Smart Tools for Bike Shop Owners

We are currently in the early stages of developement. SmartBikeShops.com is currently testing parts of our software with forward thinking bike store. By combining the years of experience of bike shop owners with a modern developement company, we are targeting to create a set of online tools to make your business more efficient, better customer experience and more profitable.

Catalog Management

Enhance your retail store with detailed catalog assets. This enables your customers to view and compare products using detailed system specifications that can be optionally managed.

Syndication of reviews from reputable product review sources and tools to add your own.

Service Scheduling

Online portal for your service staff to leverage our digital service manager that organizes all of your booking and billing. Our system allows you to create service packages, and link the repair parts to your point of sale system. History and a knowledge base is maintained, so mechanics have a history of that bike and problem resolution in the past.

Customer Portal Customers can manage their repair/maintenance bookings from the comfort of home. They can also review history, quotes and leave notes for the mechanic. Customers are also automatically reminded when inspections/tune-ups are recommended.


Let us power your online store. Our software integrates with your point of sale system, and creates an excellent online experience for your customers. Expect to increase sales with marketing tools, pre-sale/back orders and better engagement with your customers.

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Our team has been developing enterprise software since 2009. Our customer first approach has resulted in products that are a please to use. We are problem solvers that enjoy transforming the complicated and replace it with a simple, scalable solution that saves time while delivering success. When you combine this with a passion for cycling with, you get amazing software that you and your customers will love.

If you are a forward thinking store, and wnat to get an early taste of what is coming, please contact us.

"Trust and loyalty is key! Using SmartBikeShops software allows us to assist customers in making the right decisions when purchasing. After the purchase the software helps us keep that connection by offering repair/maintenance services"

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